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Case Study:

AMC · Mobile app

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New design meets large corporation

I was asked to design the user interface and experience of a mobile application for a company with already established products.

The client AMC, a leader in the tele-health market, wanted to develop two new products to interact with each other: a mobile application and a new internal web platform. The challenge here was to adhere the different styles.

The main users for the app were individuals with disabilities and/or under medical treatment. Special attention to the user interaction was required.

One of the most important features of the app was to gather data from the user through a series of timely questions.

On a first design I included all the elements on the screen, but after a couple of iterations we realize that it was better that the user performs one answer at a time so it would be more focused and the interface would be simpler.

FormaFina iOS app phone

Original from client

FormaFina iOS app phone

First iteration

FormaFina iOS app phone

Final Iteration

One of the most important things for app design is testing the interface with real users. This will improve and fix any errors in order for users to achieve goals on your application.

After a simple user testing, we realized that the navigation bar needed more contrast. It was taking users a long time to get to a different section, because it was difficult to distinguish the icons and read the text labels.

iOS app

Before user testing

iOS app

After user testing

Microinteractions was another important aspect to the design. An application must encourage user interaction and doing so in a fun way is always positive.

In this case, instead of just a simple transition to access other features on the navigation bar, a little spring animation was designed.

Animation of a navigation bar on an iOS app

In this project I experienced a truly multidisciplinary collaboration. I worked not only with developers but also with nurses, physicians and other experts to help us understand all the work involved and to make the app easier to use for their patients.

This was specially reflected on the internal web application developed also for AMC where there was a lot of data to manage and features to implement.

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