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Case Study:

Voyager Check-in Android native app

Voyager check in app in Android tablet

Designing and developing a native app

Voyager HQ, a coworking space focused on travel companies asked me to make an app to check-in members and guests to the space.

This time the challenge was not only to design the application, but also to build a native application for a Kindle Android tablet from scratch. For that, I used the awesome tool Fuse to create native mobile applications.

There were some requirements:

Sketches of the Voyager app

I started like I start all projects, making some sketches. In this case, the screens were simple, but a workflow is required to correctly lay out the screens and overall functionality.

Workflow of the Voyager app

With the screens defined, I proceeded to design the visual look of some of them. The design was based in the identity of the place and also there was a special emphasis in making the app easy to read and simple enough to have a quick check in process.

Voyager brochure
Voyager brochure
Voyager login screen
Voyager Member form

Designing for real devices

This was the form for when guests need to check in.

Voyager Guest form

When designing this I didn't take into account the display keyboard which would be the only way to input information on that form. A quick test allowed me to change the flow of that screen to make it in steps instead in just one screen. This demonstrates the importance of testing often and testing early!

Voyager fixed Guest form


Delightful microinteractions were added to give the users a little surprise and make the app an enjoyable experience in spite of the user only spending a few seconds with it. This was possible thanks to Fuse and the amazing way of building animations and interactions.

Button microinteraction
Error microinteraction

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