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Case Study:

Forma Fina iOS Universal app

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Adapting an e-commerce to a mobile app

With FormaFina I had the challenge to design an app from scratch while adapting the look and feel of an existing e-commerce.

Sketching the look and function of the app was the first step. This is crucial in the early stage to eliminate any errors, so we can test and iterate before stepping into a more polished design.

Sketch of an iOS app

A first prototype was built with web technologies, to fast proof the UI and UX of the app before getting into the development phase. I went into many iterations in this phase before arriving to a satisfactory result.

FormaFina iOS app phone
FormaFina iOS app phone
FormaFina iOS app phone

Since this app was developed with iOS7 in mind, the animation was an important part of it. The app needed fluid natural movements that I carefully crafted

Intro animation for FormaFina iOS app
Menu animation for FormaFina iOS app

Because the app was universal, the next step was design and development for iPad. The challenge was to design the app layout to perform on both landscape and portait orientations.

iPad app FormaFina
iPad app FormaFina

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